Be a conference HitchHikr

Thanks to the Disruptive Library Technology Jester I just learned about HitchHikr (I feel soo behind the times!)

There is a HitchHikr Page for the ALA 2007 Annual Conference with some on- & some off-topic posts and pix already in there.  For those of us wanting easy updates, an RSS feed would be a nice feature to add for HitchHikr (I didn’t find one available)

1 thought on “Be a conference HitchHikr

  1. Your right — it doesn’t look like HitchHikr will do the RSS aggregation for you, but there is an “RSS Subscribe” link under the “User-Submitted Tags” heading that will get you the blog postings out of Technorati. It would be nice, though, if all of the various media forms (blogs, pictures, etc.) were aggregated into one RSS feed. This sounds like a job for Yahoo! Pipes, I think, but I don’t know enough about Pipes to put it together. Perhaps a reader can suggest a way.

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