Bouncer -> Librarian

Here’s a rough outline of what I’ll be saying…

Bouncer -> Librarian
How I learned to market my past lives to get a job in a library

  • Remember: where ever you go, there you are.
    • Bad Academics?
      • Spin it
    • Bad Job History?
      • Spin it
    • How?
      • Go “Meta”
  • Bad academics?
    • Worse than mine?
      • 1.7 HS 1986
      • 2.3 UG 1990
      • 3.0 MSLS 1994
        • 3.0 “because we don’t give “C’s” in Grad School”)
      • 3.9 MSM 2005
        • Many years later (after ~10 years of library experience)
    • Spin this as a positive
      • “I have a history of improvement”
        • This is how I got into Grad School.
  • Bad job history?
    • Is it worse than mine?
      • Graduated College
        • Unemployed
        • Truck Driver
        • Bouncer
      • Public Libraries
        • Page, LTA I, LTA III
        • Librarian I, Librarian,
        • Unemployed
      • Winery Renaissance Man
      • Special Libraries
        • Information Resource Manager
        • Unemployed
      • Academic Libraries
        • Information Services Librarian (Temporary)
        • Network Services Librarian
        • Systems and Electronic Resources / Web Librarian
  • How to parley into libraries?
    • Go “meta”
      • Truck Driver developed my map skills
      • Bouncer developed my people skills
      • Page, LTA I & III developed my library awareness
      • LIS School developed my librarian base knowledge
      • Librarian positions developed my mad reference skillz
      • Unemployed stints developed my desire to showcase my abilities
      • Network Services and Systems positions integrated my disparate skills
  • Questions welcome 🙂

Aaron W. Dobbs
Systems and Electronic Resources / Web Librarian
Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

I will be an ALA Councilor at Large Candidate in 2008!
May I please have your vote?

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