ALA Membership Meetings, what are they good for?


Actually, more than nothing – to refute the song I’m hearing in my head as I read the post title.

The Annual 2007 Wiki has a page about the membership meeting, what it is, what it does, *and implies what a group of interested members could do while attending.*

Specifically, I note “ALA members present at the meeting can change the proposed agendas at any time. Any discussion topics suggested by the committee, or others, are given second place to resolutions proposed by the ALA members”

I’ll admit to having a very short event horizon (my wife says ~2 days) and I’ll admit I realize this is very short notice, but parties interested in Improving ALA (a worthy goal, which needs discussion) could use Membership I and/or II to advance discussion about what might need improvements and how to go about said improvements.

ACRL Blog had some good insights from their recent member focus groups in some recent posts;  I’d like to see similar efforts in an association-wide effort.

The alacoun list had a recent thread on the mechanics of introducing council resolutions; it doesn’t seem that hard, 16 points to consider and a quick run by the Resolutions Committee (oh and a Councilor-sponsor and -second to get it to the floor)

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