Preping for Library/BarCampOhio

So here it is, less than a week to go before Library/BarCampOhio, and I’m totally dry on ideas (which haven’t already been done to one degree of teh awesome or other).  If you were going to go to a LibraryBarCamp what would you want to discuss / hear ideas about?  How about a hackfest?

Thanks for your ideas!

5 thoughts on “Preping for Library/BarCampOhio

  1. I am in the same predicament. Will probably think of something on the drive there on Sunday. Since there are supposed to be some business technologists there, how about something about how librarians use technology in an entrepreneurial fashion to benefit their users?

  2. Okay, so my dreams are *big* —

    I’m thinking of a total revamp of library resource discovery tools. A simple user-facing interface querying one big “kitchen sink” index (or maybe several specific indexes – Title, Subject, Author, Keyword, Source?) in the background. The index(es) contain all all entries of every subscribed database (and someday the contents of all the various paper indicies, too, plz) plus the relevant ILS indexes.

    I’m also thinking of a total revamp of the ILS. I’m thinking “minimal local info” and “maximize distributed info” i.e. the local database only holds the following info:
    Various “control” numbers (ISSN/ISBN, OCLC, RLN, etc.)
    Local “control” information (item barcode, Call number, location, extra local subject entries, anything else?)
    and the rest of the item info comes from distributed standardized item info:
    Title, Author, Subject, Description, Reviews, TOC, book jacket, etc. from various sources including Amazon, GBS, OCLC, other data vendors, etc.

    Pie in the sky ideas and the sky’s the limit, right?

    Do either of these sound like a product which already exists? The ILS redo sounds a little like LibraryThing for Libraries or maybe Worldcat Local on steroids to me.

  3. I have a similar dream about the library resource discovery tools. What I’d like to see is when a user receives a search result, it’s more than just the resources from ILS, but also the relevant web pages that the subject specialists created somewhere else, the information about the subject specialist him/herself (contact info, etc.) I’d like to see this to be integrated into the Course/Learning Management System as well. Basically, using the LMS as the portal or starting point for their course/research needs.

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