Counting with Counter

So I’m doing stats today (pulling reports instead of uploading data) and I find that while the huge table of usage I can pull is quite the nice data set, it could really use some functionality (maybe it’s there and I missed it) to improve the reporting

Suggestions for functionality:

Reports by month are very handy, I love ’em; but it would be great to be able to get semesterly reports, fiscal and/or academic year reports, top 10 (20, 25,50,100) or most used databases, bottom 10 (20, 25,50,100) or least used databases, trend analysis by database, percentage of total usage within reporting period, etc. with one click.

Also there has to be a way to “normalize” some of these database names on the fly.  I have “Academic Search Complete”, “Academic Search Complete Publications”, and “Academic Search Complete — Publications” used in different months.  Couldn’t these all be merged into one database (maybe with an option to break them out in a “database details” popout chart?

These are just what I’m running up against today, I’m sure I’ll have more suggestions later.  Just wait until I have the time to dig into the ERMS at the Journal title level – then we’ll have some fun 🙂

Anyone have other ways to mash their data?
What reports work well for you to help understand your use patterns and usage data?

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