Library Day in the Life Round 6.1

Looking back at my tweets today, I see I have a high priority project which keeps getting bumped by other, immediate-term, fires (which I quench, handily).

I’ve already spoken with the Dean and Dept Chair about remedying this sort of thing, but the reality is I *do* have the answers to a lot of stuff which goes on around here. (maybe if I could get Ignotus Peverell’s Invisibility Cloak… or maybe if I could feed off despair… no, no, the invisibility cloak would fit my style much better)

As always, stuff will get done (I’m staying late (again) to be sure of that, though I really should balance my life a bit better and go home to vegetate and power up on creativity through self-misdirection) in spite of the impedimenta.

Moar tomorrow… remember, Library Day in the Life is a Week-long event (or so I read on the internet today)

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