Aaron the Librarian is the home of (who else?) Aaron the Librarian. Variously known to the non-blogging horde as “Aaron” or “Aaron Dobbs” or “Aaron W. Dobbs”. This blog Aaron the Librarian exists as a place for me to store my more public musings  – be they ALA related, work related, or just library-in-general related. Having been involved in some of the inner-workings of ALA for a few years, I’d like to see (or perhaps cause) some changes; in order to do so, I’ve run for and been elected several times to ALA Council — if you have a vote in ‘the Association’ please consider voting for me when you see my name

Exciting epithets applied in my employment past include: “Paperboy”, “Assistant Sexton”, “Lawnmower”, “College Temporary Help”, “Dormitory Receptionist”, “Student Union Night Manager”, “Air Freight Delivery Driver”, “Attitude Adjustment Specialist”, “Page”, “Library Technical Assistant I”, “Library Technical Assistant III”, “Graduate Teaching Assistant”, “Librarian”, “Information Resources Manager”, “Information Services Librarian”,  “Network Services Librarian”, “Systems & Electronic Resources / Web Librarian”, “Systems & Electronic Resources Librarian”,  “Scholarly Communications, Electronic Resource Development, & Web Librarian”, “Scholarly Communication Librarian”, “Library Department Chair”, “Instructor (Temporary)”, “Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)”, “Assistant Professor (Tenured)”, “Associate Professor (Tenured)”, and “Professor (Tenured)”.

See my CV if you’re interested.

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