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Cry Havoc! Who Cares, anyway?

I’ve got a head of steam building as I participate in my various ALA-related governance activities. Enough that the vague intention of “Reboot the Blog” has crystallized into actually updating (well, finally creating) a tagline to sort of define what I should talk about.

As always, one of my friends said it better than I could:

“We’re sort of mumbling to ourselves, which amounts to rearranging the deck chairs.
I waffle between ‘Cry havoc!’ and ‘Who cares, really?'”

The answer to that semi-rhetorical question is: *I* Care.

Cry Havoc!

Back again

So, okay, I was light on posts for a bit.

Friday I turned 39 and I again realized I’m probably more than halfway through my alotted span (even though my lovely wife hates it when I say stuff like that) and I really ought to get going since I’m less that halfway along on my “things I want to do and get done” list (which I don’t have in hard or online copy anywhere).

Right, so I’ve got a huge backlog of emails, links, twits, and blog musings and conference follwow-ups and stuff that I really ought to get going on.  Enough laurels squatting, time to fire it up and git-r-done…