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Wild Rumpus Day One

Wild Rumpus Day One, for me (day minus one for many others), has been my least-booked… a nice warm-up.

The morning started with sitting in on the Freedom to Read Foundation Board Orientation (I thought it was a general orientation to FTRF) and then sitting in the first half of the FTRF Business meeting.

*pst* in case you didn’t know, the Freedom to Read Foundation ROCKS.

There are something like 6 major 1st amendment cases FTRF is following which in litigation and one recently decided “unpublished” but favorable decision. I’d love to give you the citations and statuses, but I’ve lost the handout listing them. 😦

Spent the early afternoon talking and laughing with friends in the mini-park just outside the convention center – the best part of conference… plus the ‘hallway’ was outside and it was very comfy (esp. compared to the weather at home)

Then back to the FTRF Reception to celebrate their (our, since I joined last year) activities and the people involved in FTRF efforts.

I need to take better notes during the day, this is really breezy and way less detailed than I’d hoped to report out…