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Library Day in the Life Round 6.5

omg, it’s already the end of the day Friday?! Where has the week gone…
(I plead 1.5 days of low-health-score-induced delirium)

So, #libday6.3 was me feeling pretty woozy, but stubbornly coming in to work early (for my late shift) and amazingly knocking out 4 course guides for classes I am teaching before the end of the month (yes, Monday). Then the university looked at the weather forecast and canceled evening classes (which meant that one course guide was not needed until next Wednesday) and I, I to took the wuss route and went to the Dr.’s office, but the Dr.’s office was closed (due to the weather) so I went home with my woozy, took some fever reducer, and went to bed, and slept the night away.

So, #libday6.4 was me unconsciously taking Miss10 and NeighborKid to school and going back to bed (apparently I *seemed* as functional as ever, if a little tired looking, but remember none of this) until noon when MPOW colleagues called, worried that I’d died in the driveway shoveling snow or something, and then my wife called, because work colleagues had called her (she apparently thought had gone in to work), I reassured both parties and napped again until I had to drive the drum shuttle (Miss10 had a drum lesson, we thought, but apparently not), then I took some fever reducer and went to bed again.

And now today, #libday6.5 (after the 1.5 day sob story of sobbiness) – woke up very functional, came in to work and killed many little problems dead. Got distracted by the shiny on the internet for too long in the middle of the day (right after lunch). Directed one prof to Safari books, reviewed Value Line subscription (omg, that tab is still open, did I finish it yet?!), reviewed resources for another course guide and am thinking about how to organize then so my bright-tailed and bushy-eyed, Monday Morning at 8 a.m., Supply Chain Management students will be shocked to sudden wakefulness and be impressed at the wisdom and resources with which they are being directed.

Note to self : Lunchtime breaks = very bad for productivity for rest of day
(a.k.a : eat bigger breakfast, hold out for dinner)

Off to wrap up Value Line and that pesky Course Guide. Have a good weekend, kids; see you on the internets somewhen…

Library Day in the Life Round 6.2

Successfully got one big priority (completed while multitasking in a webinar) passed on to the next level for review and feedback (yay) – got completely zero done on 2nd priority (so will come in early tomorrow to get it done).

Wide open blocks of time on my calendar (which mean time to get things done) – but only the 2nd tier stuff got done. Remember to block out time on the calendar for nose-to-the-grindstone efforts on high-priority projects. Or maybe just get busier so I can multitask on meetings some more 🙂

Here’s the main question I want answered from the webinar this morning: “What do students want from a SMS/text reference service?

Piddly stuff = done :: LibGuide for class tomorrow night = ?
(where “?” equals “not started” *sigh*)

Low reflective quotient for this post, gotta go now…

Library Day in the Life Round 6.1

Looking back at my tweets today, I see I have a high priority project which keeps getting bumped by other, immediate-term, fires (which I quench, handily).

I’ve already spoken with the Dean and Dept Chair about remedying this sort of thing, but the reality is I *do* have the answers to a lot of stuff which goes on around here. (maybe if I could get Ignotus Peverell’s Invisibility Cloak… or maybe if I could feed off despair… no, no, the invisibility cloak would fit my style much better)

As always, stuff will get done (I’m staying late (again) to be sure of that, though I really should balance my life a bit better and go home to vegetate and power up on creativity through self-misdirection) in spite of the impedimenta.

Moar tomorrow… remember, Library Day in the Life is a Week-long event (or so I read on the internet today)