Library Day in the Life Round 6.2

Successfully got one big priority (completed while multitasking in a webinar) passed on to the next level for review and feedback (yay) – got completely zero done on 2nd priority (so will come in early tomorrow to get it done).

Wide open blocks of time on my calendar (which mean time to get things done) – but only the 2nd tier stuff got done. Remember to block out time on the calendar for nose-to-the-grindstone efforts on high-priority projects. Or maybe just get busier so I can multitask on meetings some more 🙂

Here’s the main question I want answered from the webinar this morning: “What do students want from a SMS/text reference service?

Piddly stuff = done :: LibGuide for class tomorrow night = ?
(where “?” equals “not started” *sigh*)

Low reflective quotient for this post, gotta go now…

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